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NEW!! Dominator HD “In-Stock”

HobbyAction received a very limited supply of Fatshark Dominator HD Goggles. Call for availability (480) 829-1226


Dominator HD Specs

With its large FOV SVGA resolution image, modular design, integrated DVR, HDMI port and side/side 3D support, the DominatorHD once again assures Fat Sharks’ dominance as the premier FPV goggle manufacturer. The DominatorHD does not sacrifice image quality for image size as the SVGA display up-scales the analog source to a large 45 degree image with minimal screen door effect and crisp OSD text in the corners. Components and features were chosen as only an FPV purest would; glass optics were chosen over plastic because image quality and large FOV could not be compromised on. A DVR was built in not for the enjoyment of watching movies but for the purpose of recording the video down link and telemetry data to help with lost model recovery. HDMI input was implemented to ensure forward compatibility with the digital HD links. The DominatorHD maintains the modular docking ports for back compatibility with existing RF modules.

12-17-014- HobbyAction tested the HDMI output of the new Dominator HD goggles. It supports 720p via Mini HDMI. The New Fatshark Dominator HD goggles should be able to connect to the DJI Inspire 1 Quad via the radios  HDMI output. DJI has stated that the new Inspire will support duel video output. So you should be able to connect your Ipad via USB and connect the goggles via HDMI. Or if you are running a two man setup you should be able to have on pilot on goggles and the camera operator can support a monitor setup. We will test as soon as the Inspire 1 gets here.


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